End Psychiatric Slavery Since Mental Illness Does Not Literally Exist

Non-consensual psychiatry is wrong. Civil commitment is wrong. Suicide may not be ethical or morally right, but still, no one should be forcibly stopped from ending their own life. Everyone should have the freedom to end their Earthly existence if they would personally choose to do so.

Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery is basically anything that would qualify as nonconsensual psychiatric practice. It is wrong. Chattel slavery was wrong so is psychiatric slavery. The insanity defense and civil commitment should be abolished. Laws allowing for these to go on are unjust. No one should be forced to live. Everyone should have the right to die.

Abolish psychiatric slavery. If humans are not allowed to end their own life than their trapped on Earth. It seems then Earth as a whole is hardly better than any nation that would not allow the citizens there to leave. North Korea is perhaps the most well-known example of a nation that will not allow its citizens to leave. Suicide is not necessarily morally desirable or right. However it is a choice that no one should be stopped from making if they cannot be persuaded that alternative action is best. Psychiatric slavery has been compared to chattel slavery. Thomas Szasz is the famous psychiatrist who is possibly the first individual to compare psychiatric slavery to chattel slavery. Promote freedom and personal responsibility.

Mental illness does not exist. The mind is intangible and cannot be ill. The body can be ill. If the brain is diseased, then it is the business of a neurologist and patient. If the brain is not diseased, then no medical intervention is required. If someone has problems in living, then perhaps various sorts of assistance could be useful. However, using drugs to solve problems in living can be seen as silly. If the body is not capable of moving because it is literally diseased, then some sort of medical intervention may be required. However, if there is no literal disease of the body, then no medical intervention is needed.

The mind cannot be ill, sick or diseased. The mind cannot be healthy, either. The body can be healthy and the body can be diseased. The mind can experience anger, hate, joy, elation, bliss and so forth. The mind can cause the body to utilize courage to act.