Enthusiastically Support Radical Life Extension Research

It would be good if humans could live indefinitely, so everyone should support and/or conduct radical life extension research. If more humans supported this type of potentially high-risk research, then it could pay off in a big way for humanity.

Everyone should should support this sort of research. Everyone should use at least some of their own personal time to try and investigate how this technology could potentially be developed. No one should have to die, and also, no one should be forced to live. No one should be coerced or forced to live or die, and everyone should have the option to do either even though they might not be morally equal.

Hopefully more labs will open that are devoted to conducting research on radical life extension technology that could allow for humans to live indefinitely. It is unfortunate that humans ever evolved so that their life spans are on average below one-hundred years of age. That is unfortunate.

If everyone would support and/or conduct radical life extension technology, then it seems possible that the technology could potentially be developed in the next 10-25 years. However, by conducting this sort of research, it also may be found that it is not possible to create this sort of technology. However, without trying, humans may never know if such technology is possible.

So, to help develop this sort of technology, one could do many things. One could tell their friends and family about it. One could write about the benefits of such technology. One could donate money to individuals and organizations that are seeking to develop this technology. There are many ways that one could go about it. One could create a website devoted to this sort of technology. One could write about it on sites like Blogger or Twitter. There are many options.

So no one should have to die, but also no one should be forced to keep living. Humans should at least have the option to live indefinitely. Death is bad, just like disease is bad. Hopefully more individuals will conduct and/or support life extension technology with the idea in mind that doing so may help to develop this sort of technology more quickly.