Research Radical Life Extension Technologies

More individuals should research radical life extension technology, perhaps. Hopefully more cures for various physical diseases will be found. This will require research. Hopefully more humans will be able to live long and healthy lives. Therefore, more humans should support and/or conduct research related to radical life extension. Radical life extension technology would ideally fully stop and/or reverse the human aging process. This could allow humans to live indefinitely it potentially.

Death is bad. Death is not good. Diseases is bad. Diseases not good. Both disease and death should be eliminated ideally. Therefore, humans should work to stop and/or reverse human aging and support cryopreservation technology. For these reasons and causes, one should therefore support some high risk research, perhaps.

There are many sorts of research that one could conduct it seems. One could research radical life extension technology. One could research faster than light travel. One could research vertical farming or plasma arc gasification technologies it seems. One could also research something that would likely be less high-risk. One could research cryonics technology. Human cryopreservation seems like quite a good to technology.

Research is important and key in the development of new technologies. It is not possible to be certain what the future will hold, but with much conscious intention and directed energy, one can have some power over shaping what the future will look like and be like. That is part of the reason why more individuals should research radical life extension technologies, which can include cryonics potentially. It seems that it is often true that the more humans there are researching a technology, the faster it can be developed successfully.

It seems that it is young adults who should especially research this sort of technology. They are the ones who may have the most potential to conduct research in the near and far future. Young adults are a group that should perhaps devote special attention to researching and learning about this technology. They are the ones that have the best potential to benefit from and develop this technology. They are the ones that have not yet locked their own self into a particular niche in society. Of course, anyone can change societal niches at any age, it is just perhaps easier to do it while younger, and especially before having picked a niche. Hopefully more individuals will research radical life extension technologies so that radical anti-aging technology can be developed as efficiently as possible.