Ethical Ways of Earning Money Through Psychology

There are ethical ways of earning money through psychology. There are also unethical ways of earning money through psychology that are legal.

It is currently legal for some psychological professionals to literally lock law abiding adults up in psychiatric hospital wards. Suicide is not illegal. However, suicide is effectively illegal. The penalty for a law abiding adult trying and failing to successfully engage in suicide is frequently being locked up inside of a psychiatric hospital ward. There are multiple reasons for this. Humans have only had written history for about maybe twenty-five hundred years roughly. Prohibitions against suicide are often rooted in theological grounds. However, in a secular society, we medicalize prohibitions against suicide and frequently ignore the theological roots of the prohibitions against suicide or pretend that they do not exist.

It is authentically unethical to earn money by using psychology or psychiatry as a justification for coercing or locking up law or law abiding adults against their expressed desires.

I do not currently offer counseling services. I did enjoy and appreciate being able to engage in counseling. I might offering counseling services again in the future. It was a privilege to work with those who authentically wanted to receive counseling services.

If one offers psychological services that are truly voluntary and are not a potential vehicle for being effectively jailed (in a locked psychiatric ward), coerced, forced or oppressed, then this can be an ethical way of earning money through psychology.

I have a masters degree in psychological, and I might as well use the knowledge that I possess. For now, I hope to help individuals experience more happiness and emotional well being through the dissemination of general psychological principles through written publishing. I like this approach because it can be truly voluntary. That is, I will force no one to read what I write or publish. It will all be completely voluntary. The information will be available for those who wish to voluntary read, watch or listen to it. I truly believe that this is authentically ethical.

Hopefully all psychological professionals will stop earning money from using force, coercion, confinement and oppression on law abiding adults. Hopefully only voluntary contractual psychological and psychiatric services will be offered to adults and none will ever be forced upon them. Voluntary products and services are the only ethical ways of earning money through psychology.