Should Involuntary Commitment Be Eliminated?

Currently, in many places, when someone poses “an immediate danger” to their-self, police and in turn psychiatrists can detain them for treatment. This is despite not having broken any laws. If someone’s life is so miserable and weary of life that they want to end it, should not they be allowed to? Should not they be allowed to do this in as peaceful a way possible? It seems they should be offered help. They should be offered help to fix their situation. There are likely specific problems in life that are causing distress to someone who wants to end their life. Help SHOULD be offered to individuals facing problems. However, should treatment ever be forced? If clinicians are not tactful and sensitive enough to sell an effective treatment, should treatment ever be forced? Does forcing treatment, like it is sometimes done now, produce a net benefit for society? In many ways, it seems it doesn’t. Effective, non-coercive help for those experiencing problems in life should be offered and available. No one should have to experience stigmatization or shame for encountering problems in society. Society should be setup in such a way as to provide maximal freedom.