Everyone Should Obtain and Share Knowledge

Education is a good thing. Learning can be enjoyable. There’s always more to learn. One can learn about science or technology. One can learn about psychology or sociology. One can learn on one’s own. One could learn an academic setting. One can pay to learn, or if one looks in the right places one can learn for free. One could learn about history or their own genealogy. There are things to learn at any age. It is a potential that one can learn how to eliminate aging using science and medicine; this would likely require a great deal of time and energy and scientific research. One can learn about physical fitness or self-defense. One can learn about art and become more creative to practice perhaps.

Relaxation is a skill at one can learn and become better at. Learning takes time patient energy and hard work. Learning can be practical or frivolous. If one journals, it is possible that one can learn from their past experience more easily. Keeping records can be useful way to learn about the past. It can be useful if one treats life like an experiment. There are times take life seriously, there are certain consequences that one should definitely avoid. However, perhaps the majority of the time, one does not have to take life so seriously.

One can earn money by teaching others. One can potentially become fairly wealthy by educating others. Learning and research can improve the lives of all humans everywhere. Research and technology can bring on new innovations that can be fun and useful to use. The time, money, and energy that research requires can be well worth it both an emotional and financial way. So one should always try to learn about new things and about new ideas.

When one does learn things, one should perhaps share that new knowledge with others so that others can build upon that learning. If everyone shares their knowledge with everyone else, either through selling it, monetizing it, or just giving it away, then the amount of collective human knowledge may increase at a faster pace than if everyone were to hoard their own knowledge.