Does the Fast Lane Only Metaphorically Relate to Money?

Inspired by the book The Millionaire Fastlane, this has also been posted elsewhere.

Maybe in the context of this forum the fast lane does only relate to money.

I identify as a social entrepreneur.

I am not good at business. I am a good employee. However, I sort of suck at be an entrepreneur. My businesses have never been profitable.

I have tried to be profitable for like literally, over seven years now, since about September 2006. I will persist.

I (because of others) define social entrepreneurial endeavors as having a triple bottom line. These are people, profit and planet. That is, I want to help humans to experience more happiness and harmony, earn money and then also help the planet be a decent place that does not have smog, liter and polluted water and so forth.

With regards to the fast lane, perhaps I am partially a failure. I certainly am with regards to entrepreneurial financial profits.

However, how successful have I been with regards to people and planet? This is perhaps hard to measure.

My entrepreneurial endeavors are significantly unbalanced.

I hope that I have a least been significantly successfully with regards to people and/or planet. And that maybe I am in the fast lane with regards to the people and/or planet as it relates to social entrepreneurial endeavors. I know that I have not been successful at least with the third aspect, profit. Perhaps I one day will. I want the fast lane trifecta. However, If I can only choose one of the three social entrepreneurial legs to have fast lane success at, I’d rather be poor and have it be people or planet, but ideally, I’d like it to be all three.