Grave Injustices Related to Psychiatry in France

A grave injustice has recently occurred in France. As the article states, the law breaker was not held responsible for his actions. This news story related to psychiatry is tragic in many ways. Anyone with common sense who reads the article should be able to understand what grave injustices have taken place. Hopefully governance all over Earth will change so that there are no more injustices like this in the future.

This individual should be found guilty of murder. A psychiatrist who did not physical hurt anyone was sentenced to a year in prison. An individual who committed a horrible crime was released to the medical establishment. Europe seems to have some serious problems in multiple ways. What has happened is nearly nonsensical. It is truly unfortunate that Western society has developed in this direction over the last few hundred years.

Crime is not a medical problem. Crime is a legal problem. Those who commit crimes should be punished. The insanity defense serves to promote injustice and excuse law breaking behavior. Governments and psychiatry should not be married together. More individuals should partake in activism to stop psychiatry from being used as tool for excusing the guilty and effectively imprisoning innocents.

The insanity defense should be abolished. Hopefully injustices like this will stop happening. Read books by Dr. Thomas Szasz. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Dr. Thomas Szasz has presented many sound arguments in his books as to why the insanity defense and civil commitment (together, these are psychiatric slavery) should be abolished. Psychiatric slavery should be abolished. It is unfortunate that so many individuals support upholding the unjust status quo.

Non-consensual psychiatry should be abolished. Civil commitment should be abolished. If one has not committed a crime, then they should enjoy the right to be left alone. Hopefully the citizens of France will correct this injustice and stop future injustices like this from happening. Psychiatric slavery (the insanity defense and civil commitment) should be abolished. More individuals should protest these injustices related to psychiatry and the supposed criminal justice system.