WordPress App UX Suggestions

Mobile WordPress App Suggestions
I am interested in helping with this mobile WordPress app. I have some tech skills but not so much for in depth software development, at least not yet. I have studied psychology in various rather formal ways six plus years and might be able to help with user experience, UX, I think the acronym is. Alternatives to digital sharecropping content silos that monetize original content from users are emerging. The WordPress app has a potential to help funnel individuals into maintaining control over their own data. There are quite a few reasons why it is good to be able to maintain total control over data related to content that you create, produce, and ultimately publish.

Mobile WordPress App Suggestions

My suggestion for starts would be to have as little friction as possible for creating and publishing content (fewest clicks possible to publish a picture or text quickly whether short or long), and also to be able to change default start pages (when the app loads) in the settings.

For the first suggestion, for example, let’s suppose I want to post a picture to my WordPress site instead of Instagram, or a video to my WordPress site instead of Vine, order to not open the Vine app, if I knew the WordPress app would be quicker (few clicks, just as fast, and just as many options and more if I want), I’d use this WordPress app instead.

For the second suggestion, perhaps I want to be posting a series of pictures to a site in a certain category, I could have the New Post Screen for My Site Seven be the default screen to pop up when I open the WordPress app if I want. Those are my suggestions. This is open source, so these are only suggestions. I am ready to be using more open source, I just need to not have decent reasons to use open source over proprietary.