Establishing Heaven on Earth Is Possible

Establishing Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth may be established on Earth. Establishing Heaven on Earth is what this is about. That is something that is quite worth working towards. Is there anything more important than Heaven? We live on Earth, obviously. A Course In Miracles (ACIM) states that Heaven is now, that we are already in Heaven.

There are many ways to interpret ACIM, just as there are many different ways to interpret all spiritual and religious texts. I need to start being more honest and I should stop censoring myself more. We should work to establish Heaven on Earth.

God and Heaven on Earth

God does exist. God might be a principle or an energy. God might be a being. God might be able to be either a principle/energy or a being, or both. Perhaps God is sort of like light. Light can be a wave or a particle or maybe both (something like that; don’t quote me). God might be like this. If God is all powerful, then God has the power to just be a tree and nothing more, for a split second or forever.

We should work to establish Heaven on Earth. We should work to dispel illusions. In reality, we need do nothing. ACIM says so! Can it be wrong? It does not say that we should or must do nothing though. It is possible to establish Heaven on Earth. This is a theoretical and spiritual Truth.

I will like it when we see authentic and sustainable peace all over Earth. I will like when all poverty is eliminated. This can happen! We can establish authentic Heaven on Earth. It is within our power as humans. Humans are biological beings. We are also spiritual beings. We are made of spirit.

Asian Traditions and Heavenly Energy

In Japanese and Chinese, they talk of Ki and Qi (or Chi), respectively. Ki, Qi and Chi translate roughly into spirit or energy. Spirit and energy can be seen as one. Biological matter is condensed energy. Everything is spirit. We should transmute all of this spirit and energy into Heavenly spirit/energy, where illusions are dispelled. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later.

Humanity has the destiny of establishing Heaven on Earth. Do not contribute to pain or illusions. Contribute towards helping to establish an authentic and real Heaven on Earth.