Using Words of Encouragement Can Help to Build Self-Esteem

Young humans sometimes have issues with self-esteem, especially youngsters who are approaching or are in their teenage years. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to cope with complicated friendships, newfound emotions and bodily changes. During this time, low esteem can cause teens to become confused and try desperately to maintain friendship or define their individuality. As a parent or family member, it is important to use words of encouragement that will help to build their self-esteem during this challenging time.

When anyone gets good encouragement, overtime it will help to build up expectations for them to become successful in all walks of life. Whether a child is struggling to maintain good grades, friendship or hormonal changes, one can use encouraging words to help them. Words can be extremely powerful and if used correctly or in a positive way, one can make a huge difference in the way a teen sees their own self. One can perhaps motivate a teenager by just telling them why they are a quality and worthwhile human being.

Encouragement can be important to children just as it can be to adults who are more experienced and have gone through many life changes. So, it seems that one can almost never go wrong if one tells another constantly that they are worthwhile and can have success in life. In fact, words of encouragement should perhaps be used on a daily basis for fostering positive development.

It is important to use words to not only to encourage youngsters, but also to let them feel valued and appreciated. By doing this, one is potentially helping to develop the confidence that they will need to stand up to external sources of stress like the media, school and friends.

When one praises youngsters for certain actions, this will potentially encourage them to repeat good performance. It is perhaps important to build a strong relationship with one’s own children, so that they will always feel comfortable to tell their parents anything important. A potentially good way to build a good relationship is to give words of encouragement rather than making them feel guilty or worthless.

Always remember perhaps that anytime one encourages another and this individual knows that someone believes in them, then this will potentially help to build self-esteem. In time, they may become psychologically stronger because then they can potentially always draw upon those words from their positive memory bank.

In conclusion, individuals with low self-esteem should often spend time with relatives and friends who are supportive and positive. Their praises and words of encouragement can really do wonders to help them develop good self-esteem possibly. Oftentimes just the mere thought that somebody cares and believes in them as a human being is enough for them to believe in themselves, potentially. When all is said and done, having an understanding of another and using kind words of encourgement towards another can be potentially much more powerful than one could even imagine!