Help Support Radical Life Extension Research

Radical life extension is good. Radical life extension could be to enable humans to potentially live indefinitely. There are some serious scientists that are attempt to make radical life extension a reality. Aubrey de Grey is one of these scientists it seems. More humans should work to make radical life extension technology a reality.

It would be good to stop and/or reverse human aging. More humans should go into the sciences to try and increase the average human life expectancy, and to try and make this sort of potential technology into a reality. The research will not conduct itself. Humans must conduct the research it seems. Hopefully this sort of technology will become a reality sooner rather than later.

The SENS Foundation is an organization devoted to trying to make this sort of technology into a reality. There may be some other organizations and scientists trying to make this sort of technology into a reality. Hopefully all humans will have the chance to live indefinitely. Of course, no one should be forced into living indefinitely. In fact, humans should have the right to end their physical existence at any time that they choose. Having the option does not mean that it is right to do so, ethical, or morally desirable.

One could go and study at a university to try and be able to research this sort of potential technology. One could promote it to others or write about. One could donate money to universities, scientists, or organizations that are trying to make this sort of technology into a reality. It seems that there are many ways to potentially support the development of this sort of potentially revolutionary technology.

It seems that if many individuals on Earth attempted to bring this sort of technology into existence, then it is possible that the technology could be developed fairly fast. It could perhaps be created in another 20 years or so, if everything were to go splendidly well. This sort of biomedical technology would be quite good for humans to have, so hopefully more humans will conduct and/or support radical life extension research.