Here Are Some Ideas to Consider

Here are some possibly interesting ideas to consider. These ideas are about honesty, the idea of mental illness, quantum computing, and genetic engineering.

Do not lie. Be honest. Honesty has more positive consequences and does lying. Lying often has many negative and undesirable consequences. Being honest is the best strategy. Dishonesty is wrong. Honest is ethical and right. Honesty is sustainable, while dishonesty is not sustainable.

Mental illness does not literally exist. Mental illness can exist no more than a dirty joke can exist. A dirty joke is not literally dirty. Likewise, a mind cannot literally be ill. Mental illness is only a metaphor. If one thinks about mental illness as something literal, then one is doing something that is unproductive. The implications of this are that no one should be involuntarily treated for any supposed mental illness.

Quantum computing is an interesting technology it seems. It has the potential to be an incredible leap forward in technology for humans. It can speed up processing of information incredibly much. Hopefully more research will happen with regards to this technology so that it will come to the market faster.

Genetic engineering is an interesting technology it seems. Genetic engineering may offer many possibilities for the future and it is an interesting technology it seems. It seems possible that genetic engineering may allow for humans to increase the average life expectancy. Life extension is good. Hopefully, one day, humans will be able to live indefinitely.

There are many interesting technologies that exist. There may be future technologies that have yet to be conceptualized or thought of even. It may be possible to study and/or research genetic engineering at major universities in nations around this Earth. Research is quite good and has the potential to positively impact the lives of humans all over The Earth.

Hopefully more men and women will go into the hard sciences. Hopefully, if more men and women conduct scientific research then if possible, technologies like artificial gravity, faster than light travel, and other high risk research will be successful more often than not. Hopefully, also, genetic engineering will be perfected in humans, and if possible it will be able to be used to extend the length of human lives indefinitely.

Hopefully these ideas about genetic engineering, the idea of mental illness, and quantum computing will be interesting for those who read them.