Some Interesting Ideas to Potentially Consider

Here are is a semi-random arrangement of somewhat random ideas to consider. Support and/or conduct life extension research. Life extension is good. It would be good if humans could life indefinitely. Death is bad. Disease is bad because it kills humans. Aging is also bad simply because it kills humans. Therefore, support and/or conduct life extension research. Study topics that could allow for one to conduct life extension and/or anti-aging research. Radical life extension is good. Hopefully, as soon as possible, technologies will be developed that will allow for humans to stop and/or reverse human aging and eliminate all disease.

Be sure to be digesting enough vitamin D. All humans need a certain amount of vitamin D. All humans need some vitamins. Consult a doctor or another expert to know exactly how much vitamin D to intake. It is good to be healthy. By being healthy one can maximize their own life-span perhaps. Vitamin D serves quite a few functions in the human body. If the human body is working well in an optimal state, then that is best, it seems. Vitamins will not allow humans to live indefinitely, perhaps, but they can at least help contribute to a more healthful lifespan.

Promote sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is better than non-sustainable agriculture. If agriculture is sustainable, then that means humans will likely survive for longer. However, if agriculture is not sustainable, that seems to mean that humans may not survive as long. The environment should be protected as much as possible. The needs of all stake-holders should be taken into consideration when deciding on difficult issues. Organic agriculture is good. All natural and organic food is good.

Hopefully, more humans will eat more healthy, organic, and natural food. Hopefully, the life expectancy of humans will increase over time. All law abiding humans deserve to live happy and healthy lives it seems. Hopefully, sustainable agriculture will become more prevalent and popular as time goes on.

Aquaponics can perhaps be a form of sustainable agriculture if done correctly. Aquaponics is interesting. Aquaponics is when fish and plants are grown together in synergy. It can be quite efficient. It can perhaps help to eliminate poverty. This is potentially good. Aquaponics is good technology it seems. Aquaponics can perhaps help to eliminate poverty. Aquaponics can perhaps help to bring peace to this Earth. Aquaponics is when fish are grown together with plants. The plants clean the fish’s water and the fish feed the plants. Hopefully reading about these ideas has been enjoyable. Hopefully they will be considered thoroughly.