Here Is More Than One Thought of The Day to Think About

Here is at least one thought of the date ponder perhaps. Stop psychiatric slavery. Legalize all drugs perhaps. Abolish the insanity defense. Abolish civil commitment. Promote freedom and personal responsibility. Work hard. Play hard. Retire early if possible. Do not drink too much alcohol. Do not smoke cigarettes.

Do not break laws. Work to change unjust laws. That seems quite logical. Promote freedom and democracy on The Earth. One should help both one’s own self and others. One should attempt to be successful. One should take reasonable goals in life. One should work hard to obtain those goals. One should not give up on obtaining one’s goals. Anything is possible perhaps.

One should attempt to create positive memories in life. One should attempt to eat healthy one should attempt to exercise neither too much nor too little. Some of this seems like common sense perhaps. However, sometimes it is still good to write ideas like these down. Do not lie. The virtuous. Attempt to discover wisdom. Share good ideas with others.

Attempt to make an honest living. Do not be greedy. Do not hold onto anger or jealousy. Forgive but do not forget. That seems like the wisest thing to do. It is good to stretch out perhaps. It is good to develop a skill. It is perhaps good to actually develop multiple skills. It can be enjoyable to develop skills. And also developing skills can be a good investment in one’s own self. Skills can be marketable and can help one to earn an honest living. There are many delicious things to eat better healthy.

Criminal justice is good. Laws exist for a reason. Laws helped keep order in society. Violent criminals and those who do property crimes should definitely be brought to justice. Nonviolent users of drugs should not be treated criminally it seems. It seems unjust that they often are. And that is wrong. One should perhaps support life extension research, and research into cryonics technology. These are definitely more than one thought of the day, and hopefully they will be helpful to some of the humans on this Earth.