Hopefully There Will Be No More Littering

Littering is a bad thing to do. Humans should stop littering trash onto the planet Earth. The Earth would be much nicer no one littered. It also seems likely that more humans would be healthier. Pollution is generally not good for health. That seems sort of like common knowledge. Humans should not litter trash on Earth. It is good to clean up clutter and get rid of junk. It is not good to litter. It is good to recycle. Recycling can help to keep the environment nice.

Littering is not good. Hopefully less humans will litter trash on Earth. All types of littering are unfortunate. It is unfortunate when individuals litter cigarette filters on the ground. They do not readily breakdown and degrade and stay around for a long time. Laws against littering should be more strongly enforced against those who litter cigarette filters onto the ground. Hopefully more humans will not litter and few humans will litter trash and cigarette filters onto the ground and into bodies of water.

If there were no little at all on Earth, then then would be a good thing. Spitting in public should be illegal. Spitting is sort of like littering. It makes a mess and is unnecessary. Perhaps there should be a small fine for those who are caught spitting in public, one that is enough to discourage the behavior. Laws against littering should be more forcefully enforced, it seems.

Spitting on the ground should be illegal. The fine should not be much money. The fine could be perhaps twenty dollars if the offender pays the fine to the law enforcement officer on the spot and perhaps forty dollars if they contest it in a court. Hopefully humans will stop spitting on the ground. Doing so is sort of like a form of littering, potentially.

Cleaning up beaches can be a fulfilling way to volunteer one’s time. Cleaning up litter and trash can be an enjoyable and fulfilling way to volunteer one’s time. There are many potentially fulfilling types of volunteer work that one can partake in. It is good to recycle. It is good to generate as little waste as possible. There are many ways to try and keep the Earth nice and clean. Hopefully there will be no more littering on this Earth.