How to Help Reduce the Amount of Disability Perhaps

If one ends up being on Social Security, it can sort of be a trap, perhaps. It can be hard to get off of it, unfortunately, it seems. Perhaps one way of eliminating this as a trap would be to allow individuals to earn up to 120% via wages of what they are receiving for disability.

Perhaps if they do this for a year, then they would no longer receive their disability. The exact mechanisms would need to be figured out. It seems that currently, individuals can only work part time to keep their disability. Currently, the system may be setup to give individuals on disability incentive to work part time, but not a whole lot of incentive to actually get off of disability.

The point would be to try and figure out some way to actually give incentive to those who are disability to get off disability, if possible. Some individuals may have a long term disability, and may not be able to get off of it. So, this incentive should not penalize them at all. It should just hopefully give them incentive, or at least reason to get off disability, but only if possible.

However, some individuals may be able to get off of it, theoretically, and with the proper incentives would be able to have simply more motivation to get off disability at least. This could perhaps be a win-win situation. That is, so that individuals who are on disability can get off disability and have a higher standard of living if they are able to get off disability. They should be rewarded. But, of course, those who are disabled should be taken care of in an ethical and legal way.

Someone who knows the numbers would need to propose a concrete plan. However, this is just a general theory about how incentive could be created for those who are on disability to get off disability Social Security payments.

Hopefully, everyone on this Earth can be healthy and happy. Hopefully, more will be done to help this to happen. Hopefully, all of this will happen sooner, rather than later. This is perhaps a way to help reduce the amount of disability on The Earth, or at least in The United States.