How to Share Cool Inventions

Cool inventions have the potential to bring joy to yourself and others. You inventions are perhaps something you should share with others. Perhaps if you share your inventions with others, then others will share their cool inventions with you. How would this planet be if everyone shared their awesome inventions with everyone else? Probably a lot better.

You could go to school, college or university to be able to share your ideas and inventions with others. You could potentially be a guest writer at this site. Just use the contact form to get in touch. You could share your cool invention here. You could also just publish your own website about your invention. There are many free hosts that allow you to publish online. You could perhaps publish your invention on your own site without paying a dime. Feel free to send a link in using the contact form here, then, if you publish your invention to your own site.

Perhaps what you envision could change this Earth for the better. Perhaps all humans could benefit from how you think about technology or relationships. Perhaps you could cure disease with your theories. Better technology is better for everyone… perhaps, sometimes at least. Creativity is unlimited, it seems!

Perhaps a lawyer is the best someone to help you publicize and promote your invention. It is hard to say. You just probably should protect your intellectual property as safely as possible. Maybe you should file a patent. Thank carefully if you want to profit greatly off of your ideas or if you just want to share them with others. Perhaps some ideas you will want to profit off of, and other ideas you have, you might just want to share with the whole of humanity freely. Be your own judge. However, if you have a cool invention you are sitting on,  it seems like you should at least do something with it! 🙂