Humans Should Attempt to Colonize Exoplanets

It will be good when humans are finally able to colonize exoplanets, practically. Humans should work towards colonizing exoplanets. Faster than light technology and/or warp-drive technology would be a cool invention. Faster than light technology might be a cool invention. Harold White is an interesting researcher. He is with NASA. He seems to be researching warp field technology that may eventually be used to create warp drive technology.

Harold White is a researcher with NASA. Hopefully he will be successful in learning more about warp field mechanics. Hopefully warp drives will become a reality. Humans will have to colonize other planets eventually. Hopefully humankind will exist indefinitely. Hopefully humans will colonize the cosmos sooner rather than later. Hopefully interstellar travel will become possible, safe and affordable. Hopefully significant amounts of habitable extrasolar planets will be discovered, mapped and eventually colonized. It will be good when this happens, it seems. Colonizing other planets may help humans to experience nearly unimaginable amounts of prosperity, abundance, peace and happiness.

Hopefully more young adults will learn about and conduct research that relates to interstellar travel, finding potentially habitable exoplanets and other related technologies that fields of study. Hopefully humans will colonize extrasolar planets sooner, rather than later. An extrasolar planet is a planet that exists in a different planetary system than Earth. Hopefully greater amounts of funding will be devoted to such types of research that relate to interstellar travel and detecting and finding potentially habitable extrasolar planets. It is unfortunate, perhaps, that humans have not already colonized planets in other planetary systems. Perhaps nothing is impossible. Perhaps teleportation technologies will one day be created and found to be workable. Perhaps one day, humans will be able to teleport, nearly instantaneously to other planets.

Of course, perhaps some things are impossible. Perhaps humans will never colonize other planets. However, if humans do not attempt to complete lofty goals and attempt to do lofty things, then humans will likely not do lofty things. High risk research can potentially bear great fruits and provide great rewards. Hopefully more humans on Earth will attempt to conduct high risk research. Of course, some high risk research will end up being fruitless, but it seems that most likely, not all of it will prove fruitless.

It will be good when humans are able to engage in interstellar travel, it seems. Human should work to colonize exoplanets. Humans should work towards colonizing other planets. The Earth will likely not be habitable forever. Therefore, humans should work towards colonizing other planets sooner, rather than later. Colonizing exoplanets will be good, it seems.