Ideas for Psychology Majors

Do you want to become a psychology major? Becoming a psychology major isn’t rocket science. Perhaps you are at a community college. Just start taking psychology classes. Talk with your adviser or counselor there. Talk with them about your goals and let them help you figure out what path you should take. Chances are you will need to study other areas aside from just psychology. Create balance. Perhaps you should take some art classes along with some psychology classes. Art classes will probably also help you be better at psychology, at least in the sense that it might help you to think more creatively. Being a psychology major is not a bad deal most of the time. Just try to find professors that you like and classes you enjoy.

And if you ever take one of the psychology classes where sometimes students think they are going crazy, remember that you are not going crazy. Maybe you should read Thomas Szasz’s book Insanity: The Idea And Its Consequences, before taking such a class as this. Just enjoy your classes and get good grades.

Should one study psychology or theology? That might be a good question. Both psychology and theology seek to maximize happiness, sometimes, it seems. Psychology can be secular, though. Theology, by definition almost cannot be secular. Theology is arguably a more efficient way of maximizing happiness. Some theologies threaten humans with existential damnation, it seems. Psychology does not do this, for the most part, it seems. It may be easier to turn psychology into a career than it would be to do so in theology. Almost everyone needs to pay bills, and/or have food and/or a place to live. There are many choices to make in life, and more education, whether psychology or theology, is probably a fairly good choice. 🙂

So are you a psychology major? Good! Welcome to this site! This site will try to have tips on how you can succeed as a psychology major. You will graduate eventually, perhaps. You may have to go to graduate school. Do not fret though. Study hard, stay balanced and enjoy your time in school.

If you do decide to do graduate work, there are many types of psychology you can study. Perhaps positive psychology or social psychology interest you. If you like to perform research, then maybe you should find a way to get a psychology degree and then go into research. Anyway, welcome again to this site! Check back soon. Good luck. 🙂