I Just Started Writing a Book

I just started writing this book that I may never finish. So I think that I will post what I created thus far. I may finish this later, but for right now, it is this skeleton that I present to all humans for their own viewing pleasure. The following is the uncompleted book which I started and stopped creating. I may create more of it and more to it, but you have the option of viewing the rough outline that I might add to more in the future!

Working Title: A Book For All Humans To Read


This is a book for all humans to read. I should qualify that. This is a book that all adult humans should read.

This book may be short or this book may be long. I have not written it yet.

I am writing this book to fill a need that all humans have. That need is to read this book.

I am writing this book to fill a need, and to thereby benefit all humans. I have a triple bottom line or a double bottom line, depending on how one looks at it.

I want to earn money and help all humans. So in that sense, I have a double bottom line. Additionally, I want humans to take care of the Earth, so in that sense, I have a triple bottom line.


I better just start writing. This book is still not written yet.

I want to abolish psychiatric slavery.

I want to see aging abolished.

I want to see peace on Earth.

I want to see poverty eliminated.

I want to see no more undesired homelessness. That is, some individuals may want to be homeless, and they should be allowed to be. Other individuals do not want to be homeless. Anyone who does not want to be homeless should not have to be.

I want to see no more suicides. That is, I want to see all humans experiencing peace and joy, so that no human wants to end their own life. I also want to see suicide respected as human right.

I want driverless cars to exist. These are on the horizon, it seems.

This book might meander. However, this book is a book that all adult humans should read.

Chapter 1: Abolish psychiatric slavery.
The insanity defense and civil commitment should be outlawed. Read books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz if you truly want to understand why this is True.

Chapter 2: Abolish aging.
Aubrey de Grey and Michael Ray published a book relatively recently entitled Ending Aging.

Chapter 3: Maybe read A Course In Miracles.

Chapter 4: Seek peace on Earth.

Chapter 5: Earn at least enough money to live comfortably.

Chapter 6: Never give up on reaching your goals.

Chapter 7: Be kind to others and behave virtuously and ethically.

Chapter 8: Think clearly, intelligently and with courage.
Clear thinking is important.

Chapter 9: Act courageously in life.
It is good to act courageously in life.

Chapter 10: You need do nothing.
There is nothing that anyone must do. That is a spiritual Truth. That is all.

This sentence marks the first paragraph after the draft of the book that I just started working on. Maybe I’ll add more to this. What do you think that I should do?