Some Of The Latest Technology News For You In March

Here is some of the latest technology news for you!

Casio’s Point And Shoot Camera Snaps Photos At 12.1 Mega-Pixels!

Motorola Is Releasing A Tablet Computer With The New Honeycomb Android Platform!

AT&T Is Going To Buy T-Mobile For 39 Billion Dollars! That is a lot of money!

Include above is a video of the Android Honeycomb platform in action! It looks like it will be pretty amazing it seems. It might have a real chance of competing with the iPad 2.

How come openly designed platforms do not come out with the innovation first? But maybe sometimes they do! Please send in tips if you can think of any innovations that have happened in the open source/open design realm first. Lots of super-computers run Linux, so maybe that is an example of sorts… or at least how the open platform out-performs the closed platform.

Remember to post in the comments the most interesting and most latest technology news if you have good leads or know of something that should be displayed here! Thanks! 🙂