Ideas About Cloning Humans

When it comes to the subject of cloning humans, this is becoming more important in modern day society. All activities related to the cloning of human beings are possibly banned in the United States, but some other countries possibly have more lenient laws. Human beings are different from other mammals because of superior intelligence, as well as the fact that they possibly have souls.

Although still in its infancy stage, the technology for human cloning is possibly progressing at lightning speed. In the beginning, cloning had some problems in terms of the aging effects. It is believed individuals who lose babies in child birth, might be able to preserve some cells in order to pay scientists later on to clone the unborn baby. But, there was the possibility that different exposure would cause the cloned baby to develop differently than the original child.

There is no doubt that some scientist will be successful in cloning humans in the future, but no one is certain about how they are going to be treated. Based on the reports carried out on biological aspects, the clones would live like humans, but there is no guarantee that they are going to treated as such. Considering that it will cost a lot of money to clone humans, it’s only logical to believe that those who pay good money to get clones will be possibly looking for some form of return on investment like to use them as slaves. But this may not necessarily be the case.

Even today, slavery is still a big problem. So, if human cloning is introduced these clones will not have their own identity and may more likely be used as slaves. This means that people could buy and use them for any reason that they want. Since clones are not going to be seen as human beings, they could end up being forced to carry out hard labor, beaten or even killed and this would be seen as a problem.

While it’s believed that the technology that would be successful in cloning humans, it is possible that the technology cannot give them souls. However, there is the possibility that they would have similar of thoughts and emotions like any other human being. One cannot help but imagine how some third world countries would have cloning factories where clones are churn out in thousands to sell in the prostitution industry or some other type of bondage.

When all is said and done, it is possible that cloning humans cannot give them souls so it’s logical to assume that their owners will use them as slaves. But, this does not necessarily mean that people will physically abuse them or use them for sexual abuses. The United States has laws to protect animals from any kind of abuse, so in any event the clones would be protected by similar ones it seems.