LibreOffice Changed Over Last Three Years?

Can open source LibreOffice grow like a tree?

The idea of open source software can be fairly amazing. LibreOffice, Linux, MediaWiki, WordPress, and so forth are all fairly amazing open source projects in various ways. Open source can have disadvantages sometimes. Projects constantly change and evolve.

The complexity of open source projects can be quite amazing.


I used Open Office from about 2003 to 2011 and LibreOffice from about 2011 to 2013 maybe. Now I use the larger proprietary alternative. What has change about LibreOffice in the last three years? Do you think that I will I find switching back worth the time, effort, and savings? Thank you.

LibreOffice Open Source Suite

LibreOffice alternatives can cost money. There are probably free alternatives to this open source software, but at least in the past, LibreOffice takes the cake as the best non-proprietary document editing alternative. The fact of the matter is writing be worthwhile and using software to do it generally helps the process of writing to be easier.

I assume that the changes to LibreOffice over the last few years have been good, especially since there are so many developers contributing to the project. Massive open source software projects can succeed and provide a benefit to all of humanity. Hopefully this is the case with this open source office software suite.