Might It Be Good to Live Indefinitely?

Would living forever be desirable? Who would want to live forever? Could humans live in such a way as to never ever become bored with life? Probably, it seems. Human creativity could perhaps be used to ensure that living never becomes boring. Creativity perhaps has an unlimited potential to improve the quality of life of humans. Right now, all humans might not want to live forever.

Perhaps if humans remained healthy and used creativity in imaginative ways than living indefinitely could be thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. Science might have to improve significantly in order for humans to be able to live indefinitely. Perhaps some humans are already immortal. There have been billions of humans that have lived throughout the millennial. Who knows if some have not already evolved the ability to live indefinitely? Although, it may be unlikely, admittedly.

Perhaps there are intelligent alien species on other planets that have already evolved or engineered the ability to live indefinitely. Some scientists think that humans could eliminate aging in perhaps 25 years. Aubrey de Grey is one of these scientists. He has written at least one book on the subject. It is titled, Ending Aging. It is a perhaps a book that all aspiring scientists and researchers should read.

Certain things may have to change if humans could live indefinitely. Perhaps humans would have to find a way to achieve widespread peace and prosperity. Also, if humans lived indefinitely, perhaps there would a more pressing need to inhabit other planets and areas of this Universe aside from just Earth. Perhaps many other sorts of technologies would have to be developed if humans were able to live indefinitely, and the human life expectancy was greatly increased. All of this could perhaps be achieved in time.

Greatly increasing the human life expectancy is perhaps interesting to think about. Hopefully, a new generation of scientists will be able to make this feat happen sooner, rather than later. If everyone promotes this cause and many individuals devote their time and energy to researching ways to make it happen, then perhaps it could be done faster than anyone might imagine.