Live News Online Bibliographic Links For November

Some of the best news links for November will be posted here. This post is sticky, so it will remain at the top of the page. Check back daily! In December, I’ll start a new monthly post. The truly newest posts will be just below this one!

Neste Oil Fires Up The World’s Largest Renewable Diesel Plant In Singapore

The United States Federal Aviation Administration Certifies SpaceX Rocket Ship For Atmospheric Reentry

Antimatter Atoms Trapped For First Time, According To Scientists

Combining Fluorine And Graphene Produces A Two Dimensional Crystal Version Of Teflon

Scientists Discover That Vitamin C May Be A Life-Saving Treatment For Sepsis

Chihuahua Becomes Japanese Search And Rescue Canine

Study Ranks States That Would Benefit Most From Developing Solar Power

500th Exoplanet Discovered

Vatican Says All Catholics Can Use Condoms To Prevent HIV

Oxygen Directly Detected On Saturn’s Moon Rhea

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