Mental Breakdown: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Many humans experience depression symptoms at sometime in their lifetime. Stressors are sometimes just about everywhere, and sometimes, these are triggers of sadness or worry. It could be stress at home, in the workplace, at school, or anywhere else. It could be the bills, the morning traffic, and the crowd in the mall. It could be the loss of a loved one, an argument with a dear friend, or it could be a health problem. Sometimes, life’s problems and challenges can become seemingly hard to bear. Perhaps less often than not, these things can lead to mental breakdown.

Mental breakdown is a popular term for a potentially serious psychological or life problem sometimes characterized by severe sadness and mental distress so bad it’s already affecting the daily life of the sufferer.

Common Causes Of Mental Breakdown

People have varying perceptions about problems and stress. There are people who find dealing with breakups a bit easier while there are people who become suicidal once separated with their partners. The severity of depression and anxiety totally depends on the person’s self esteem and coping mechanisms. Scientific researches have pointed out the most common causes of mental breakdown.

Symptoms Of Mental Breakdown

Symptoms of mental breakdown can be easily detected. A person suffering from mental breakdown sees the world as if there’s no hope remaining. The sadness and severe worry are sometimes indicated by his or her actions. The sufferer can lose the enthusiasm to work and deal with daily routines. They might think that they have lost the ability to cope with life, deal with relationships and handle or manage life’s events. The sufferer may no longer feel eagerness to eat, talk to others, or even sleep.


The use of cognitive behavioral therapy is perhaps one of the most effective ways in treating mental breakdown. Instead of the intervention of drugs, the sufferer is assisted by a psychologist or a counselor who helps the patient understand the meaning behind life’s uncertainties and plans out a program designed to allow the sufferer to cope with the reasons of the breakdown. Another popular treatment is perhaps hypnotherapy. In this procedure, the sufferer might go back to the memories where the reasons for the worry, fears, and sadness lie and with the help of positive suggestions, the individual may gradually alleviate the problems and finally have a better life. Ultimately, to have a good life, create or find meaning and enjoyment, and solve problems in living.

This article is opinion and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Verify for yourself any thing that might be misconstrued as anything different than an opinion. Seek a qualified professional for help with your problems in living if necessary.