More Good Ideas About Useful Cool Inventions

Here are some potentially interesting ideas about cool inventions.

Here is a list of cool inventions that do not exist yet. It might be nice if they existed for a variety of reasons. Think about how we could invent these and bring these innovations to reality?

  • Faster than light travel
  • Artificial gravity
  • A way to stop or reverse human aging
  • Flying cars that fly themselves
  • Teleportation devices

See, there are likely many cool inventions that do not exist yet, it seems. Maybe some of these will be invented in 100 years… maybe some of these cool inventions will never be created or discovered. This is perhaps unfortunate that these innovations do not yet exist. What are some other cool inventions that don’t exist yet?

Shoot for the moon when working towards discovering cool inventions. Some inventions impact the human species more than others. Some inventions are a little useful, and other inventions are extraordinarily useful. Discovering how to make artificial gravity work, or faster than light travel, or an indefinite lifespan is perhaps good. These are all wonderful potential inventions.

Inventing can be enjoyable. Thinking about how to solve problems can be enjoyable. Thinking about new ways to solve problems can be enjoyable. Putting an innovative idea into action and having it work successfully can be enjoyable and satisfying. Additionally, inventing can bring one money, and then spending, saving, or investing that money can be enjoyable.

Innovation is good! Innovation is quite a good thing. Innovation can have many benefits for both oneself and others. Innovation can be enjoyable and useful. Innovating takes time, energy, and dedication. It is not always easy to innovate, perhaps, but also, it maybe does not need too be too hard either.

Are medical advances inventions? This might be a matter of semantics. It may be best to call medical advances inventions. They could certainly be classified as innovations. If aging was abolished that would definitely a great medical advance. The logic might go something like the following. Diseases are bad because they cause humans to die, therefore, aging is bad because it causes humans to die. There is research into life extension taking place. There are some non-profit organizations attempting to move technology towards the state of being able to stop and/or reverse the aging process in humans. So, medical advances could arguably considered inventions. Certainly, some medical devices, perhaps many, are inventions.

Hopefully these ideas about cool inventions have been useful and enjoyable to read.