Psychiatric Coercion Should Be Banned and Outlawed

Psychiatric coercion is wrong. Psychiatric force is wrong. Effectively jailing and imprisoning individuals in psychiatric hospitals is wrong. Mental illness is term that is often used interchangeably with the term mental disorder. This is probably not good or proper, it seems. Mental disorders are labels for general categories of potentially temporary human experiences. The language related to psychiatric disorders are perhaps a commercialized ways to communicate about mental disorders, problems in living and emotional distress. Psychiatric slavery is wrong. Psychiatric coercion may ultimately be present because of greed and malice, it seems.

If one utilizes clear thinking, then it may become apparent that psychiatric coercion ultimately does not benefit human societies. Utilizing both courage and intelligence can perhaps enable one to think more clearly, it seems. In his writings, psychiatrist Thomas Szasz may have been the first human to explicitly posit that idea. He has perhaps written many good books on a variety of subjects that mostly all relate to psychology, psychiatry, law, liberty and personal responsibility. Hopefully more individuals will read some of the books that he has written.

Hopefully more individuals will attempt to outlaw psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric holds are unjust. Adults should not be subject to psychiatric coercion or force. Hopefully more individuals will speak out against psychiatric injustices. More individuals should read books that Thomas Szasz wrote. There are many good reasons to abolish psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery is morally wrong.

Psychiatric slavery is wrong and an injustice. Suicide should be considered a human right, at least for adults. Suicide should not be promoted. However, forcibly stopping adults from engaging in it by effectively imprisoning them in a hospital is not ethical or just. Persuasion should be used try and stop all suicides from occurring. Hopefully suicides will stop happening sooner rather than later.

Suicide is tragic. Forcibly stopping adults from engaging in suicide is a human rights abuse. Suicides should only be permitted to be done in private. Publicly trying to engage in suicide should be illegal and those who attempt to do so should be prosecuted criminally. It is unfortunate that psychiatric slavery exists. Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz is perhaps sort of like a Martin Luther type figure in psychology. Psychiatric slavery damages humanity. Psychiatric coercion should be banned and outlawed.