Psychiatric Ethics

Conventional mainstream psychiatric ethics almost baffle me. I am amazed at how so many individuals are so supportive of coercive and oppressive psychiatry. I would be more willing to advocate against oppressive psychiatry if it were not so controversial. I do care about the issue. However, the oppression does not necessarily directly affect me. It sort of does, but it does not have to.

Psychiatric slavery is wrong. It should be outlawed. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right. Read books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote and published. Death relates to theology and metaphysics. Suicide can be thought of as being a form of immigration or secession. Psychiatric currently functions as a sort of method of keeping some humans on Earth. Just as there are some countries which its citizens are not allowed to leave and live in other countries, we currently live on an Earth where in most all countries, citizens are not allowed to leave Earth through suicide. If they are caught before they can engage in suicide, they are frequently locked inside a psychiatric ward at a hospital.

The ability to fly in a spaceship to leave Earth permanently and to live somewhere else in this Universe is not currently an option. Should prohibitions on suicide remain intact? Birth control (being able to control over when one creates another human) is legal. Why should death control (deciding when one dies) be effectively illegal? I am not suggesting that suicide is a good thing. I hope that we can see a cessation of all suicides. I hope that Earth can be such a ubiquitously wonderful place that no one feels motivated to engage in suicide.

Suicide should be respected as a human right. Help end psychiatric human rights abuses. Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed. The United States government is an a metaphorically unholy marriage with psychiatry. Thomas Szasz wrote the book Psychiatric Slavery. Consider reading it. There is currently not enough separation between psychiatry and state.

There is mostly a separation of church and state. There is not mostly a separation of psychiatry and state. Suicide should be respected as a civil right. More individuals should read the books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote. Suicide relates to death. Death relates to an after life. An after life relates to theological and metaphysical issues. This is how suicide relates to theological and metaphysical issues and topics. Simply medicalizing suicide and not thinking about it in clear and thoughtful ways is damaging to individuals and society. Mainstream psychiatric ethics are morally deficient, and hopefully they will positively evolve sooner than later.