Research Cryonics or Life Extension to Increase Human Life Expectancy

Research cryonics perhaps. Cryonics is a technology that could allow humans to live beyond their death. Humans can be cryonically frozen after death in hopes that they can be one day revived. Not everyone may want to do this, that seems okay. But for those who do this to the method to allow for radical life extension on this Earth.

Cryonics is a technology that could perhaps be improved upon. Therefore it would be useful if more scientists conducted research in this area. Additionally, scientists will have to research how those who have been cryonically frozen can be revived in the future. This will take time, money, and energy.

This may be a sort of high-risk research. However, high-risk research can pay big dividends if it is successful. Of course, there are many scientists on this Earth, so certainly it seems that some of them could devote their time and energy to cryonics research.

If one starts a business where consumers can pay to have their self or the relatives cryonically frozen, then one should probably have a good marketing plan in order to try and make the business sustainable, and be the type of business that can go on for a long time.

Additionally, it seems, scientists should also just research technologies that could allow humans to stop or reverse aging in general, and thereby eliminate the need for cryonics for the most part altogether. This is also high-risk research, but it seems like you can really pay off big dividends as well. And again there are enough scientists on this Earth and researchers that it seems some of them could devote their time and energy and intelligence to life extension research.

And on a somewhat related note, if humans want to survive on the long-term, they will need to figure out how to colonize other planets in This Universe. Perhaps private space exploring businesses will be able to figure out methods of traveling to other planets.

So to get back on topic, scientists should invest time, energy and money towards advancing cryonics technology, life extension research, and ways of colonizing other planets.