Should Cool Inventions Be Patented?

An an important question may be whether or not cool inventions should be patented. Patents reward inventors, but they also may make it so cool inventions and new technologies can only be used by a select few. So there may be both advantages and disadvantages to patenting inventions and new ideas. Lawyers can help one protect their own intellectual property.

One can possibly use patents to be the base of a business. If one has a laboratory where new ideas and innovations emerge, this could be a viable business. This is perhaps sort of like what Thomas Edison did and had. Thomas Edison arguably changed the course of humanity quite significantly. Patents and innovations can potentially serve to do this it seems. One human can change the conditions on this Earth quite significantly, perhaps. Patents as a legal device can likely be quite useful, it seems.

Computers once did not exist. The Internet did not exist at one time, believe it or not. Patents have helped those who contributed to creation of these innovative technologies profit. Quite arguably, innovation and intellectual property help to fuel the engines of business.

The patent system has been around for easily over 100 years. At one point, it seems someone stated that everything that could be invented already has. They were wrong! ­čÖé┬áMany new ideas could be useful to humans and create new sorts of tools and gadgets.┬áIt costs money to patent something. However, using a lawyer to help one file a patent might be worth it.┬áThis invention might have a patent. Who knows?

One may want to hire a lawyer to help them file a patent. A lawyer can be one’s friend of sorts. Legal experts can be useful in helping to simply sometimes complex┬ábureaucratic┬áprocesses. Patents might help one to profit from cool inventions.