Should One Drive or Use Public Transportation?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to both driving and riding on public transportation. Public transportation can be better for the environment than cars. Cars and trucks are nice in that the owner is able to control who they do and do not ride with. When taking public transportation, one may be subjected to being around unpleasant individuals. That is one disadvantage of taking public transportation. Automobiles also having the advantage of taking extremely customized routes.

Public transportation often has stops and fixed routes, so the rider must often wait more than if they were taking a car. Using public transportation often takes longer than driving in a car. That is usually not a good thing. The one time it can be good is in that one can potentially conduct some sort of business or do some sort of task when taking public transportation, since by doing so, one does not have to focus on driving.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of driving a car is that it often costs significantly more than taking public transportation. This is a personal choice. Ultimately however, if one can afford it, driving is probably the best option, perhaps all the time, but certainly for at least part of the time. Public transportation simply does not go everywhere that cars can go.

Riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter can be enjoyable. A scooter, motorcycle or moped can be a good way to efficiently commute. Those who take public transportation should attempt to become wealthy enough so that they can drive cars. More individuals should buy cars. More individuals who ride on public transportation should attempt to save up enough money to afford a car.

More roads should be built so that there is less traffic congestion. Driving and/or riding in bad traffic is not fun for anyone, it seems. It can be nice to own a car. However, owning a car is often not inexpensive. Car maintenance can cost a decent amount of money. Driving is probably better than public transportation, ultimately, it seems. This is ultimately a personal choice, however. For some, public transportation is best, and for some driving is best.