There Are Many Technologies That May Help Humans on Earth

There are many technologies that may help humans on Earth live lives of prosperity, comfort, happiness and abundance. Vertical farming may help humans to live lives that are more comfortable and luxurious. Aquaponics and aeroponics may help humans to live more productive and fruitful lives. Hopefully more individuals on Earth will attempt to research and invent useful new advanced technologies. 

Green energy technologies, like solar energy, may help humans to live more prosperous lives. Electric cars and driverless cars may help humans to live more comfortable and enjoyable lives. Plasma arc gasification technology may help humans live happier that are more fruitful and abundant.

Cold fusion may eventually be a wonderful and extremely fruitful technology. Cold fusion may never exist. However, if it is shown to be a workable technology, then humans may experiencing nearly unimaginable amounts of prosperity and abundance. It is perhaps good to learn about high risk technologies. High risk research can potentially produce gargantuan payoffs. Risks are sometimes necessary, in life, it seems.

It will be good when cold fusion technology becomes functional. This may never happen, but it certainly has not been shown to be an impossibility. It will be good when energy is abundant. It will be good when all humans are able to live lives of prosperity and abundance. Having cold fusion technology may be quite fruitful. Cold fusion may be a wonderful technology, it seems. There have been technologies have been developed that in the past, critics indicated that they thought would be impossible to develop. In the past, some individuals thought and claimed that developing machines capable of flight would be impossible. This ended up not being true. Some things may be impossible, but it also may be impossible to prove that anything is impossible.

Potentially far off technologies like cryonics, regenerative medicine and warp drive technology may all enable humans to live more productive and enjoyable lives.  Hopefully more useful technologies will be invented that will benefit humanity. Hopefully more individuals will attempt to research and develop useful technologies. There are many technologies that may enable humans to live better lives here on Earth.