Ideas About A Course In Miracles, God and Mental Breakdown

Here are some ideas about God, mental breakdown, and ACIM.

Mental Breakdown Is Powerless In Front Of God

God could bring any and every human peace of mind at any time. God perhaps enables humans to seek this when they are ready. Perhaps God would tell everyone that peace of mind is a decision. No matter what horrible circumstances are going on in one’s life, The Holy Spirit might label mental breakdown as a choice.

The Holy Spirit wills perfect happiness for everyone. It is perhaps the acceptance of the reality of God’s will for everyone’s perfect happiness that can allow one to move towards experiencing joy, bliss and happiness.

Mental breakdown is perhaps like a speck of sand in a vast ocean to God. Will you allow God to grant you perfect happiness?

Can A Course In Miracles Bring One Peace Of Mind?

A Course In Miracles encourages everyone to live in a happy dream. ACIM was supposedly scribed for Jesus of Nazareth. The book states that God’s will for everyone is perfect happiness, that there is no hell, and that this Earth is actually in Heaven now. No one has ever left Heaven.

It is a book that can perhaps bring inner peace to everyone. It encourages to everyone to co-create positively and constructively with everyone else. No one deserves mental breakdown, and A Course In Miracles likely affirms this! 🙂

ACIM is a good book, and perhaps, everyone should read it. Mental breakdown is nothing compared to God. It is a spec of dust on a tropical beach compared to the Holy Spirit.

A Course In Miracles Can Perhaps Prevent Mental Breakdown

Having a mental breakdown is not useful at all. A Course In Miracles is a book that was first published in the 1970’s. A woman named Helen Schucman reportedly scribed the book for Jesus. The book is reportedly Jesus, speaking. One version is published by The Foundation For Inner Peace. Is inner peace not something that will help to prevent mental breakdown? If someone experiences inner peace, could they even have any mental breakdown at all? It appears not. Of course, this is not a substitute for professional advice. This is a spiritual/theological perspective about how the mind works… and even what the mind is. So don’t have a mental breakdown, and consider buying A Course In Miracles, so you too can possibly have inner peace. This is spiritual advice. Consult a healthcare professional if would be appropriate or needed. Good luck! 🙂

Hopefully, these thoughts and ideas about ACIM, mental breakdown, and God will be useful to some.