Some Ideas to Consider

Here are some ideas to possibly consider. What is true value? Monetary transactions take place all the time. So what then is real and true value? It’s probably subjective, perhaps. That is perhaps sort of funny to think about it that way. What happens when humans die? Is death an illusion? Do all souls go to Heaven? Do some souls burn in Hell for eternity? Can anyone know these things? Would a loving, all powerful God not send all souls to Heaven? Has The Universe existed forever? Are there multiple universe which make up the Multiverse? Will science ever be able to answer these questions?

What is the most important things in life? Should the most important thing in life be how much joy, pleasure and bliss one experiences? Should it be how much of those things others experience? Should the most important thing in life be how much joy, bliss, and pleasure one is able to bring to others?

What about money? Should money be the most important thing in life? Should fame be the most important thing in life? Should keeping integrity and consistently being an honest and decent human be the most important thing in life? Should children, friends, and/or family be the most important thing in life? Everyone should probably find a balance. Joy and pleasure are important. Caring about others is important. The joy, bliss and pleasure of everyone is important. Most all humans are important.

Are these not true thoughts? What sort of existence would everyone have if none of this was important? If that were the case, would any human be doing anything more than just waiting to die? What sort of existence would that be? What is the purpose of anything? This is a question that probably at least a few humans have asked over the course of existing.

The following is about time. Time is a funny phenomenon. Time is an odd concept. Can you define time? What is actually happening? I’ll admit now, or at least claim, that most of this post is going to be speculation. However, time, I will posit, is chemical reactions on one level. On another level, in interacting with these chemical reactions, is the mind. It is that consciousness that you are using to read this now. Your consciousness changes in time. It changes as things affect it, and as you allow it to be affected. Hopefully, these ideas will be useful and enjoyable to read. Hopefully, this Earth will be a better place to live because of these ideas.