Some Thoughts and Questions for Psychology Majors

Here are some thoughts and questions for psychology majors to ponder and take in.

Psychology Can Be Political

Psychology can be a political field to go into. It seems that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz has basically stated that psychiatry is not medicine, it is politics and economics. If a human is experiencing conflict in close relationships or economically, these often end up being political problems at their core.

If one wants to avoid the political aspects of psychology, then perhaps one should work in an area of professional that is voluntary. That is the clientele are voluntary clientele, rather than involuntary clientele. There may still be some politics involved, but much less so than when working with involuntary clientele.

Psychology Might Not Pay So Well

Earning a degree in psychology might be better than not earning any degree. However, earning a psychology degree will probably bring one less income than a degree in a field like engineering or another science.

So if one wants to earn lots of money, then perhaps one should not study psychology, unless one intends on using the knowledge from psychology to make money in a novel way.

If one does want to earn lots of money, then perhaps one should study science, engineering, or business. Psychology is probably not the best way to become wealthy or rich. Psychology can be an interesting field to study, though, however.

What Is The Human Mind?

Is the mind just the brain? What is the human mind? Who can answer this. Perhaps this is an unanswerable question. Perhaps no one truly understands what the human mind is. Perhaps this question has a scientific answer that will eventually be discovered. Perhaps the answer is a spiritual or religious answer. Perhaps it is an answer that science and psychology will be unable to answer.

Perhaps the human mind consists of memories and habits. But where does the mind go when a human dies? Does the mind just disappear? Does it leave and go somewhere else? Does it stay dormant until re-animated at some distant or not so distant point in the future? How can questions such as this be answered? Perhaps they are unsanswerable.

Psychology can be an interesting field to study and be in. Hopefully these thoughts and questions will be useful for psychology majors to think about.