Stop Psychiatric Injustices

Here is a thought of the day. Abolish psychiatric injustices. These injustices include civil commitment, involuntary psychiatric treatment, and the insanity defense. They are all unjust and unethical, just as chattel slavery was one hundred and some years ago, and still is today.

These injustices have gone on for far too long. They are not right, nor will they ever be right. They are immoral and reprehensible. It is unfortunate that laws do not exist outlawing at this at the present time.

Hopefully in the future, the laws will change so that involuntary psychiatric treatment, involuntary commitment and the insanity defense will be illegal and will be considered the equivalent of false imprisonment, kidnapping, and torture. Human trafficking is looked at as being extraordinarily wrong and immoral today by perhaps most. It was not looked at this way by most a hundred or so years ago it seems. Societal values can change, and sometimes for the better. Hopefully the mainstream values of society will change so that psychiatric injustices are seen as the injustices that they are.

Hopefully in the future, after the laws change, psychiatrists (if they still exist) will be imprisoned if they take on any individuals as client’s against their will. Psychiatric imprisonment is never right no matter how much anyone tries to twist the truth.

It seems that psychiatric slavery and other related injustices can be abolished peacefully. It just seems it may take some time. The more individuals who stand up against the injustice that involuntary psychiatric treatment is, the sooner it will likely be abolished it seems. More humans should work to end the injustices of civil commitment, involuntary psychiatric treatment and the insanity defense.

There are many reasons why psychiatric injustices are wrong. Psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz has written many books on why coercive psychiatric practices are wrong. Just about anyone can buy and read his books to educate their own self as to why psychiatric injustices are wrong. So hopefully this thought of the day will be considered fully and thoroughly, and psychiatric injustices will be stopped sooner rather than later.