Here Are Some Words of Encouragement

Never give up. Keep trying. Try different strategies. The creative in the different strategies tried. Success can always just be around the corner. It can be hard to tell how far off success is. So sometimes it is better to change a goal, and sometimes it is better to keep on trying. There are many worthwhile goals to pick from. Success can feel really good. It can feel really good pick a goal and see it through.

Sometimes success can mean becoming wealthy. Sometimes success can just be a good feeling inside. Sometimes by having success one can receive kudos from others. All of those can feel really good. It is quite courageous to never give up. Tenacity is a good thing to have. It is good to persevere. Tenacity and persevering can often be a good strategy by itself. Trying lots of different things can also be a useful strategy. One is more likely to have failure one gives up. Therefore one should not give up it seems. Changing one’s goal does not mean that one is giving up. Giving up without picking a new goal is giving up.

Seeking advice from others can be a good strategy. One should definitely pay a lot of attention to the small successes that one has. Small successes can add up to big success. Small failures do not equate to the total failure. It is most likely that one will have some failure on the way to reaching a big goal. Everyone probably defines success differently it seems. That is all right. It seems that everyone can be successful at something. So it can sometimes take creativity to find out what that something is it seems.

It is good to be around other positive human beings. It is probably best not to spend a lot of time with negative individuals. It seems that success can almost be contagious. Hopefully more humans on this Earth will be able to have success.

Hopefully more humans on this Earth will pick worthwhile goals to strive towards. So never give up. Keep on going. Consider picking a new goal if necessary. It is good to focus on what success might feel like. And it is good to remember that small successes can quickly add up to large successes. Hopefully these words of encouragement will be useful to some the humans on this Earth.