Support Life Extension Research

Here is a thought of the day to ponder. Everyone should support life extension research. Life extension research is good and could allow for humans to biologically live indefinitely. Perhaps, one day, the human population could reach into the trillions, and humans could live across this galaxy. If this is to ever happen, it will have to happen in small steps. It cannot happen quickly or all at once, it seems.

Aubrey de Grey is one of the main scientists who promotes life extension research. He has theories about how aging can be stopped or reversed. He runs a non-profit research organization called The SENS Foundation. It is one organization that one could donate money to if they would like to try and further the research that attempts to stop or reverse human aging.

So attempt to end or reverse aging. Also support cryonics research, perhaps. Disease is bad because it kills humans. Aging also kills humans, so it is also bad. No one should be forced to live indefinitely, but also, no one should have to die if they do not want to either.

It would be good if there could be peace on this Earth and if no one would have to physically die if they do not want to. This could potentially happen one day. It certainly is impossible; at least, no one knows if it is impossible or not. Trying is the only way to find out, it seems, perhaps.

Research could successfully stop or reverse aging, potentially. It could happen in a decade or so, or might never happen, but humanity will not know if humanity does not try to have it happen. The more money devoted to such research, the faster that such research can potentially be successful. Donating money to causes that attempt to conduct research into stopping or reversing aging seems like a good action to take.

Perhaps these thoughts will encourage some to find ways to contribute money to research that attempts to stop and/or reverse biological aging in humans. Hopefully, humans will have the option to live indefinitely, eventually. So, read this thought of the day and ponder it perhaps, and perhaps take some related action.