Technology Could Enable Humans to Live Indefinitely

If in twenty years you are still alive, you may have the ability to never die. At the minute of being born, people start the fight against the unavoidable. Data shows that a baby has an approximate life expectancy of 76 years. However standards may have changed. The life expectancy was 24 in 1796. One century after the life expectancy was 48 years. Currently the life expectancy is 76 years. The American Academy of Anti-Aging’s, Dr. Ronald Klatz, states that more than 50% of America’s baby boomers are expected to live to their 100th year and more in very good health. He continued by saying that it is anticipated that the life expectancy for baby boomers and subsequent generations could be between 120 and 150 years.

The present day search for the source of youth is carrying researchers to investigate the function of diet and stress on life expectancy from within the genetic makeup of cells. Budding Immortals gravitate to anti-aging treatment centres and fork out up to twenty thousand dollars annually for cures including DNA analysis, hormone therapy and aesthetic surgery. These trial treatments do not provide certainties – only the promise of life extension. According to Dr. Klatz, anti-aging medication does not regard life extension. He states that anti-aging medication has to do with extending life’s middle years and shortening the senior years in order that illnesses that affect us as we get older happen in the senior years before dying or none at all. The reason for the aging of humans is recently being comprehended.

The reason for aging is currently ultimately being comprehended. This modern comprehension may shortly carry anti-aging make-up and operations to the world of Siberian yogurt and snake oil as life extension fashions. The expected advantages of recent technology, immortality, have quietly been showing themselves to researchers, for example the University of Michigan’s Dr. John Langmore from the Department of Biology.

Dr. Langmore along with his team has searched within human cells, at the extreme core of human existence: the DNA particle. Particularly, Dr. Langmore is searching at the peak of the DNA particle – a section of the double-helix particle that was disregarded before – that holds a type of chain of duplicating couples of enzymes. Named telomeres, these particle sequences have frequently been contrasted to the empty leaders on recording and film ribbon.

Minus the facility to copy itself prior to becoming “rusted” to death, a molecule is condemned to die. As humans steadily lose parts of their collective body, they become fatigued and mortal. Comprehending the science of telomerase and telomeres has the ability of limitless copies and life. The 21st century might just be the age in which people find out the mysteries of immortality, however it might also be the age to remember the multiple hazards intrinsic to researching these God-like functions.