There Are Many Fun Things to Do on Earth

There are many many many fun things to do on this Earth. There are about an infinite number of potential things to do. A good amount of them have the potential to be enjoyable. One must try lots of different behaviors to figure out what will be enjoyable to them. It will be different for everyone. One must do many things to find out what they enjoy. It can sometimes cost money to do certain things. Other things do not cost money to do. If one has money, then by all means, use it. If one does not have money, then one can make money to get money, or else one can find things to do that require little or no money.

An education is a good way to earn more money. Also, obtaining an education can potentially be enjoyable and fun. Work can even be one of the many fun things to do. Exercise can often be an enjoyable activity. Many humans enjoy running, biking, Judo, Aikido, yoga, snowboarding and other physical activities that directly or indirectly involve exercise. Cooking and eating can be enjoyable. Moderate alcohol consumption can sometimes be enjoyable if one is of the legal age to partake in it. Volunteering can be enjoyable and fun.

So, as noted above, there are many fun things to do on this Earth. Here are some of them. They will be different for everyone, but certainly some things are more likely to be fun for everyone, and some things are more likely to be less enjoyable for everyone. Here are some more of the potentially fun ones.

  • Go to the Great Wall of China
  • Watch a video
  • Create a video
  • Eat delicious food
  • Make delicious food
  • Learn to make delicious food
  • Learn something
  • Teach something
  • Design something
  • Draw something
  • Learn to draw
  • Go boating
  • Go fishing
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Make money doing something enjoyable
  • Make a list of potentially fun activities
  • Research something interesting
  • Figure out something to research
This is just a short list of potentially fun things to do. Life can be grand; life can be a blast! This list could probably have 20,000 items on it. So check back soon, more lists like this will likely be posted soon. 🙂