There Are Many Good Ideas

There are many good ideas in life. Preventing crime is good. Laughter is good. Everything is an idea. Aikido can be good to practice. Being physically fit is good. Being honest is good. Abiding by just laws is good. Aging is bad. It would be good if humans could life indefinitely. Selling can be good. Selling through attraction and need can be best. Pod casts can be good. Pod-casts can be nice. Laughter is so good! Enthusiasm can be useful!

It is good to be respectful to others and to use good manners. Obtaining an education can be good. Staying healthy can be good. Being efficient can sometimes be good. It is good to be maximally productive. It is good to use good posture while sitting and standing. It is good to not smoke cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco can be quite bad for one’s health. It is quite unhealthy to smoke cigarettes.

It is good to donate money to Planned Parenthood, NARTH, CCHR and The SENS Foundation. It is good to make financially prudent decisions. There are many good things and ideas on Earth. Seeking wisdom is good. Honesty is a good idea. Being honest is a good policy. It is good when stores offer really good return policies that guarantee satisfaction. Everything is an idea, and there are an unlimited amount of potentially good ideas. It can feel good to utilize and/or think about good ideas.

There are many good ideas. Everything is an idea. Diversity can be good. Being an open-minded individual can be good. Being friendly to others can sometimes be good. Saving money can be good. It is good to be as healthy as possible. It is good to exercise regularly and to eat healthy. It is good to be nice and kind to others.

 New good ideas can be discovered every day. Everything is an idea. There is an unlimited amount of ideas and therefore there is an unlimited amount of good concepts and ideas. There is an infinite amount of good ideas that have yet to be discovered. There are many good ideas. There is an unlimited amount of potentially good ideas. Creativity can be used to think up good ideas. It can be quite fruitful and profitable to think of and take action on good ideas, potentially.