There Are Many Good Topics to Write About

There are an unlimited amount of potential topics to write about. One could write about radical life extension research. One could write about high risk research. One could write about emerging technologies. There are many other topics to potentially write about.

Writing can be enjoyable and fun, and as long as one does not run out of topics to write about, one could keep perhaps keep writing indefinitely almost. Of course, one needs to eat, drink water, bath, do laundry and exercise. However, aside from most of these things, one could perhaps never stop writing. For activities like laundry, if one would earn enough money, then one could pay someone else to do such activities for their own self.

There are many funny and useful topics to write about. One could write a humorous book, article or essay. One could write about animals. One could write a fictional story, or one could write about non-fiction topics. One could conduct research and then write up the results. One could write an autobiography or a biography.

One could write about what someone else pays them to write about. Writing can be potentially lucrative can be one of the many wonderful ways to earn money. One could write a how-to article even, which would describe how to do some certain task or activity. One could write about how to write or make music. One could write about hobbies like photography, fishing, kayaking or snowboarding.

Being a writer can be quite satisfying, and writing for others can make living more enriching and enjoyable for others. Writing can be quite a useful and fruitful task. One could write about religion or spirituality even. One could make a career out of writing, potentially, it seems.

Hopefully more humans will take up writing as an activity that can be used to benefit both one’s self and others, and also serve as a potentially enjoyable and/or lucrative activity. It seems that there are many good topics to write about, and one almost never has to stop writing about any of the infinite amount of potential ideas and concepts to write about.