Thoughts For Those Completing Pre Med Requirements

Here are some questions and tips that might be useful for those working on completing their pre med requirements.

What Type Of Doctor Should You Become?

There are a variety of types of prescriber roles and medical specialties you could enter. Naturopathy and osteopathy might be your best choices. Traditional M.D. medical doctors are possibly limited in how they view health. It seems that they purely prescribe drugsand perform surgery.

Chiropractic medicine is also probably a good option, but in most all states, chiropractic doctors are unable to prescribe drugs. If you are interested in chiropractic medicine, but would also like to be able to prescribe drugs, then osteopathy is probably your best bet.

What Medical Specialty Should You Pick?

With regards to medical specialties, you probably mostly won’t go wrong unless you enter psychiatry. Psychiatry has a dark history and is even currently practice, a decent percentage of the time, in an ethically questionable way it seems.

Going into general practice does not pay as much as if you were to more specific medical specialty, but you’ll get long term contact with your clients if you go that route.

Focusing On Completing Your Pre-Med Requirements

Just remember to keep completing you pre med requirements while you investigate what sort of doctor you would like to be. Be sure to get good grades while completing them, so study hard. Pick schools out early that you are interested in applying to and find out each school’s specific and unique pre med requirements. They will probably all be fairly similar whether it is a medical school, an osteopathic school, a naturopathic medicine school, or a chiropractic medicine school. Just do your own research so you are spending your money efficiently and wisely when completing the pre med requirements you need before medical school.

Find Out Exactly What Classes You’ll Need To Take In College

You may need to study biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, calculus, anatomy, and physiology to get into medical school. All of these areas of study that relate to health and medicine can be quite fascinating to learn about! Medicine is a great profession to be in. There is currently a shortage of doctors, and it seems it is projected to only increase. The profession pays well. You will at least need a bachelors degree to get into medical school. Volunteer experience will also help, like for example if you have volunteered in a hospital emergency room.

Know What Each Medical School You Are Interested In Requires Of You

It is important that you know what the exact pre-med requirements are for each medical school you are interested in gaining admittance into. Pre-med requirements may vary somewhat between different medical schools, so it is worth finding out exactly what they are for each school you are interested in apply to.

It Takes Dedication And Perseverance, So you Can Get Good Marks

Pre-med requirements are not usually too complicated. However, completeing them, and gaining admitance into a quality medical school requires dedication and perseverance. Becoming a doctor, completeing pre-med requirements, doing well on the MCAT exam, and getting into medical school is very doable. Health and medicine are a great field to be in! Good luck!

Hopefully, these ideas, tips, thoughts and questions will be useful for those working on completing their pre med requirements. 🙂