Try to Become Successful and Wise

Here are some possibly interesting ideas about how to be successful and improve the state of affairs on this Earth. There are many ways to become successful, probably. All humans are unique. Perhaps all humans can be successful in different ways.

Do what is needed to become successful. Do not break the law to become successful. Never give up to become successful. Dream big to become successful. Be creative and interesting to become successful.

Be honest and work hard. Innovate and invent. Sell things and buy things that are needed. Become a millionaire, perhaps. Become a billionaire, perhaps. Help others. Be nice when appropriate.

Produce videos. Create music. Create art. Do enjoyable activities. Do business with others. Help others. Work to eliminate poverty. Work to eliminate psychiatric slavery.

Do not wait until it is too late. Act decisively. Act with courage. Act with bravery. Be virtuous. Do not procrastinate. Be generous, kind, and caring towards others. Try to be beautiful and attractive, but realize that there are many ways to be beautiful.

Enjoy the companies of others. Attempt to seek wisdom. Be enjoyable to be around. Figure out how to help others become successful. Legalize polygyny. Legalize all drugs. Knowledge and wisdom are good investments.

Do not be violent towards others. Be fair. Promote justice and virtue. Prosecute violent criminals. Protect the property of individuals. All humans probably define success differently. Evolve in the the best possible human. Conduct research. Support and promote life extension research and aquaponics. Investigate interesting topics.

Practice Aikido, Judo, or Tai Chi, perhaps. Practice Krav Maga perhaps. Learn self-defense. Put criminals in jail or prison. Promote just laws. Abolish unjust laws. Promote equality. Learn lots. Try to know about many different subjects. Giving up is not helpful. Change goals when necessary.

Try to leave this Earth a better place for all humans to live. So, collect wisdom, work hard, become successful, be virtuous, law abiding, and never give up in working towards goals.