Do Nothing Media Is Attempting to Benefit Humanity

Do Nothing Media has a double bottom line.

Do Nothing Media has a double bottom line. The goal of this company is to earn money and benefit humanity. Most all humans need money to have a more comfortable life and obtain basic needs. However, earning money by itself is not sufficient. Benefiting others while earning money is much more fruitful than earning money using ethically neutral or questionable ways.

What does it look like to benefit humanity?

Eliminating cancer may benefit humanity. Helping to eliminate material poverty may benefit humanity. Helping individuals to enjoy life more may benefit humanity. Reducing homelessness may benefit humanity. These ways of benefiting humanity are not particularly controversial. There are of course other ways of also benefiting humanity.

There are multiple ways to accomplish these ends. Money can be donated to organizations that have shown that they have been able to successfully make progress towards some of theĀ aforementionedĀ goals. Research can be conducted and published on ways of reaching the above aforementioned goals.

What is Do Nothing Media currently doing to help benefit humanity?

Currently Do Nothing Media has been focused on selling art through Etsy and publishing informational articles on a variety of topics. Some of the art is meant to be a concrete call to action to work towards achieving certain goals that may benefit humanity. Additionally, some of the articles contain calls to action for readers to be devoting their energy towards specific worthwhile goals. Additionally, some of the articles published by Do Nothing Media contain ideas how individuals can best help achieve the above goals and others in their own lives and also help others achieve those goals in their own lives.

What will Do Nothing Media be doing in the future?

The strategies that Do Nothing Media will use to benefit humanity and earn money will likely not be static. Qualitative and quantitative research will be conducted in order to find the best ways to achieve the goals of efficiently earning a maximum amount of money while also maximally and most efficiently benefiting humanity. Based off of this research, the actual tactics and actions taken by this company will change and evolve.