Practical Cool Inventions

Sometimes when one sees an invention, one wonders how simple that was and anyone could have thought about it. These inventions are not necessarily very sophisticated and complex but are instead simple and useful. Here is a list of cool inventions that could have been easily thought of by anyone:

1. Bottle Opener Remote:
Who likes to go and get the bottle opener when one is watching an intense match on the television set? Yes, that is correct…no one. The bottle opener remote is one of those cool inventions that is quite simple but very useful. The bottle opening device is present at the side of the remote control, so one doesn’t have to miss that critical goal while watching the game and just as easily can enjoy the cold drink or beer.

2. Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks:
Now who wouldn’t like every bite of the dinner to have the saucy flavor? The sauce dispensing chopsticks are another one of the cool inventions that are very practical. A dispenser is present in each of the chopsticks in which the sauce has been filled up. One can also choose to fill up two different sauces in each of the chopsticks and can easily dispense the sauce while eating.

3. The Oil Wand
Which woman would not like one of the cool inventions in the kitchen? The oil wand is just that invention. It is a standard bottle filled with cooking oil and has a heat resistant brush on the lid. One can easily apply the oil while cooking and also control the amount of oil that goes in the cooking. Isn’t that cool or what?

4. Onion Goggles
This is a wonderful invention for the housewife who cannot stand the onion vapors that bring tears to the eyes. Very cheap and practical invention to protect the eyes while cutting onions.

5. Pillows With Armholes
One knows how important sleep is for health. For all those people who like to keep their arm under the pillow while sleeping but are always getting up because of the pressure of the head on the arm. Pillow with an armhole is one of those cool inventions that are the providers of sweet sleep.

6. Stairs Drawer
Another one of those cool inventions that is not only cool but also very practical. The stairs have a built-in drawer underneath for those people who do not have a lot of space and would like to save in on space. This invention should also be the favorite of a tidier person.

7. The Book Safe
Want a good inventions for keeping some small things like jewelery safe? The book safe is the answer. The safe is designed like a real book and also has a proper book cover but inside is a hollow space to keep small treasures safe. The book safe if kept in a book shelf can easily fool anyone. What would be a better hiding place than the library’s book shelf? No one would even think of it.

If one has ideas about a cool invention that might be useful, then one should perhaps pursue it.