About Aikido

It seems to me that there are different sorts of Aikido. There is functional Aikido, and then there is philosophical Aikido, and then there are mixtures of the two.

It is my understanding that the founder of Aikido M. Ueshiba intended Aikido to be a way for all humans to create peace on Earth. To create a Heaven on Earth, perhaps. Could Yoga be used in this same way? Maybe. I don’t know. Could Christianity?

Also, in Aikido, it is my understanding the M. Ueshiba intended Aikido to be a way for the body and the mind to become one… to unify body and mind. Also, I think it has been said by I forgot who that in Aikido, and perhaps just in reality in general, that the BODY is the visible part of the MIND. So what are the implications of that? Who knows? Oh well. I find it fun to think about. Please feel free to take this all with a grain of salt…