Cryonics Is Potentially Sort of Like Life Extension

Life extension is possibly the futuristic science of maximising the individual human life span to be as long as possible. Cryonics is about preserving biological tissue until future medical technology can revive it. Cryonics is a new life saving technology available today, in the sense that there are organizations that will cryopreserve humans who are legally dead. So, cryonics is perhaps an attempt to preserve, protect, and prolong the gift of human life.

Cryonics can be an elective advanced medical procedure for those who have no hope for continued life at this present time in history. Cryonics is the preservation of biological tissue by making it extrodinarily cold, with the hope that future medical technologies can be used to revive it so it can keep on living on its own. Cryonics is one way that can potentially offer humans the chance to live again sometime in the future. Cryonics has been compared an ambulance ride an emergency room in a future time.

Cryonics is the method by which people can potentially be saved from death by cryopreserving them and keeping them safe until they can be revived. Cryonics is not at all a fringe cult that preys on some humans’ fear of death. Cryonics can be a bizarre subject to ordinary readers. Cryonics may potentially further the economic and class gaps between the healthcare industry’s haves and have-nots, but it certainly does not have to. Cryonics is not allowed unless one is already legally dead. Cryonics is viewed with skepticism by some scientists and doctors at this time. This could chane in the future.

Cryonics is possibly viewed by some opponents with skepticism. Cryonics is perhaps kind of an interesting long shot. Cryonics is perhaps a relatively new technology, and makes no sense to some people. Cryonics is the preservation of biological tissue at quite cold cryogenic temperatures. Cryonics is sometimes dismissed by those in mainstream cryobiology.

Cryonics is a a somewhat strange and futuristic procedure perhaps. Cryonics may never be anything other than a dream of a rare and privileged few. However, it seems that it could have wide-spread adoption by humanity under future potential circumstances. Cryonics may be able to change perspectives on death and longevity in many ways.